Monday, July 28, 2014

Friday July 26, 2014

Today, Emafini Primary School had a school-wide assembly.  The assembly was held outside.  Students sung several songs and Mrs. Thamo, head of department said a prayer.  The principal announced that students will honor Nelson Mandela by cleaning the outside of the school for 67 minutes.  

Nelson Madela's legacy of service to others is celebrated around the world as governments, civil society groups and ordinary citizens plant trees, paint old-age homes, renovate dilapidated schools or simply offer a helping hand to those in need.  In November 2009 the international community – through a resolution of the UN General Assembly – declared July 18 ”Nelson Mandela International Day”.

 Pictures of the Schoolwide Assembly at Emafini Primary School

Trash that needs to be cleaned up on the campus of Emafini Primary School.  Throughout the neighborhoods, trash was everywhere.  


  1. Wow! that's a lot of trash. What is their system for waste management?